Round2 Capital Partners’ first investment in Sweden

Round2 Capital Partners (EuVECA) GmbH & Co KG announces the signing of an investment agreement with Shortcut Labs AB, Stockholm Sweden. Round2 Capital Partners will provide financing to Shortcut Labs AB in the form of a EUR 600,000 revenue based loan, an attractive investment alternative that avoids dilution of existing shareholders. This is the fund’s [...]

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Join the team! Internship Investment Management

Round2 Capital Partners is an alternative investment fund located in Vienna. We finance innovative growth companies in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden offering a unique financing instrument. We ourselves are an innovative player in the European market for risk capital and primarily target companies with digital business models. Our mission is to take entrepreneurs to [...]

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Round2 Lab expands to Stockholm

Round2Lab was launched 2017 in Vienna as a development program designed to support entrepreneurs that want to take their business to the next level. While the first group of lab participants in Vienna are currently finishing the program, Round2 is expanding to Stockholm. As of today we are open to receive participants' application for the 2018 [...]

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Sachbearbeiter/in Buchhaltung und Fondsreporting

(5-10 Stunden/Woche, geringfügig) Round2 Capital Partners ist ein alternativer Investmentfonds mit Sitz in Wien, der innovative Wachstumsunternehmen bei ihren nächsten Expansionsschritten finanziert und mit Know-How begleitet. Wir suchen per sofort oder nach Vereinbarung eine exakt arbeitende, strukturierte und engagierte Unterstützung als Sachbearbeiter/in für unsere Buchhaltungs- und Controllingaufgaben. Wir bieten ein angenehmes Arbeitsklima in einem kleinen [...]

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Praktikum Investment Management

Round2 Capital Partners ist ein alternativer Investmentfonds mit Sitz in Wien, der innovativen Wachstumsunternehmen in der DACH Region und in Skandinavien ein einzigartiges Finanzierungsinstrument anbietet. Wir sind damit selbst ein innovativer Spieler im europäischen Markt für Risikokapital und sehen dabei überwiegend Unternehmen mit digitalen Geschäftsmodellen. Unsere Mission ist es Unternehmer ohne Verwässerung auf die nächste [...]

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Round2 Capital Announces first Closing of a New Growth Capital Fund Focused on Austria, Germany and Sweden

Round2 Capital Announces first Closing of a New Growth Capital Fund Focused on Austria, Germany and Sweden – Round2 Capital Partners (EuVECA) GmbH & Co KG Round2 Capital, a provider of innovative growth capital to fast growing companies with business models based on immaterial assets, has completed the first Closing of Round2 Capital Partners (EuVECA) [...]

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Why small innovative companies have the hardest time obtaining financing

When we talk to young, fast growing companies about their business, we are often struck by the amount of trouble they have to obtain external financing. Particularly companies that grow up based on digital business models appear to have a harder time than other young companies to get bank financing. Being built on software and [...]

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How to: Financial Analysis using the DuPont formula

Shareholders of all firms want to achieve sustainable high return on equity (ROE) and even though the drivers will be very different, visualizing operating profits and cash flows as well as the required (or available) capital structure in a systematic way can be useful to better understand the creation of value. Start-ups may initially have [...]

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The SME funding gap in Austria – are we making progress?

Because of their impact on growth, both economic growth and growth in employment, there is a lot of discussion about what needs to be done to support SMEs, small and medium sized enterprises. They make up the vast majority of all companies and contribute about 2/3 of employment and economic value added in Europe. Since [...]

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Today`s economy is powered by immaterial assets – this requires new forms of financing

In the last decades we have seen a strong trend from tangible assets towards intangible assets as the primary source of value creation in the economy. Data from the US consulting company Ocean Tomo from 2015 shows that tangible assets represented 87% of the value of the S&P 500 in 1975, and intangible assets only [...]

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