Our mission

Scale new funding models for software
entrepreneurs across Europe.

Empowering the next generation of software entrepreneurs

Round2 exists to close the funding gap for software businesses

Software businesses today are bigger, more profitable, and more essential than ever before. But, for many entrepreneurs, it’s becoming harder than ever to find the right growth funding.

We created Round2 in 2017 to change that. We’re empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through revenue-based financing with royalties.

Today, Round2 is Europe’s leading provider of revenue-based financing. Our portfolio includes over 30 companies across Europe.

With our support, entrepreneurs are growing their businesses faster, develop a better organization and boost the value of their companies in a sustainable way.

Meet the team
Why do we call ourselves

Our name reflects our mission

We believe that there is a massive shift underway in how software businesses are funded. Relying solely on VC investment represents the first generation of software funding.

The future is a blended world in which companies rely on a mix of VC investment and revenue-based financing, tailored to their specific needs. This vision represents the second generation, or second round, of software funding.

That is why we are Round2.

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Countries where we have invested
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