Are you tired of time-consuming discussions about valuation and your cap table?

Christian Czernich

Fundraising normally is a tiresome and complicated process. In case a suitable group of investors is found, the fight over valuation and the position in the cap table begins. As long as markets and valuations are expected to go up, the process “only” takes a lot of energy, time and dilutes ownership of the Founders. 

The even bigger problem begins if valuations go down and there is an insecure market sentiment. Have you ever tried to raise money in a market driven by fear and insecurity or if your results are very good but did not correspond to the inflated expectations of investors? We have seen far too many companies fail, because they got lost in politics between Founderts and Investors even if their business models are sound and healthy and they are run by great Management Teams.

At Round2 we have a lot of experience with equity and debt transactions in small ventures as well as large corporations. Because of our wealth of experience we decided to offer a new and better way of funding. Our revenue-based finance solution is a simple, flexible and fully transparent form of growth funding for digital companies. We focus particularly on SaaS.

There is no dilution. We do not need to discuss about valuation and do not want to Interfere with the cap table. We only care about the soundness of the business model, the quality of the Management and its ability to deliver on agressive but reasonable growth. With Round2 funding nobody has to waste time and energy or even fail because of fighting and haggling about the cap table. With the Round2 solution companies can focus on what really matters – the business itself – in good as well as in bad times. 

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