Exit for Round2 Capital portfolio company 3GSM

Round2 Capital is proud to announce that its portfolio company 3GSM has been successfully sold to Rocscience, as part of Rocscience’s continued expansion of its suite of engineering solutions. Rocscience is backed by the leading global growth private equity firm TA Associates.

After our initial investment in October 2020, this successful exit also marks the end of a close and positive 3-year relationship between Round2 and 3GSM, creating value for all involved parties.

Dr. Andreas Gaich, Co-Founder and Managing Director at 3GSM underlined the great fit between both companies: “The software products developed by 3GSM are a perfect complement to Rocscience’s expertise. The team at 3GSM is excited to join Rocscience as we are confident that the combination of our expertise with Rocscience’s resources will lead to the development of even more innovative and impactful solutions for the geotechnical engineering industry.”

Round2 Partner Gerd Sumah, who supported 3GSM especially during the exit process, commented on the investment “With Rocscience, 3GSM has found the perfectly complementing parent company to scale its technology to the next level. We congratulate the 3GSM founder team around Andreas and Markus on this great achievement. We are confident that 3GSM will continue to create significant value to its customers now at an even greater scale.”

About 3GSM:

3GSM, based in Austria, specializes in user-friendly software 3D evaluation of rock, terrain, and object surfaces serving the tunnelling, mining, and civil engineering industries. With this acquisition, Rocscience integrates 3GSM’s expertise and technologies into its existing offerings, ultimately enhancing the ability to meet customers’ evolving needs.
For more information about 3GSM, visit: www.3gsm.at

About Rocscience:

Founded in 1996, Rocscience, based in Toronto, Canada, is a leading geotechnical software company that is backed by the global private equity firm TA Associates (TA). Rocscience develops 2D and 3D software for civil, mining, and geotechnical engineers. Combining the latest research with their continuous cycle of software development, their mission is to deliver industry-leading geotechnical software programs that are reliable and easy-to-us.
For more information about Roscience, visit: www.rocscience.com

About Round2:

Round2 Capital is a fast-growing European investment firm with EUR 160m under management. Based in Vienna and London, the firm is a strong partner for European scale-ups and companies with digital and sustainable business models. Since its foundation in 2017, Round2 Capital has been pioneering revenue-based finance in Europe and is active in several European countries, with a focus on Germany,

Switzerland, Austria, and the Nordic countries. To date, Round2 Capital has invested in 34 different software and technology scale-ups across 9 jurisdictions.

For more information about Round2, visit: www.round2cap.com

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