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Discover the power of Round2 revenue-based financing. 

Revenue-based financing with royalties

The next generation of software funding

Revenue-based financing minimizes dilution for companies with recurring revenues. Unlike bank loans, our financing is based on royalties on revenue. It does not have an interest rate, and allows early repayment without penalty.

The power of choice

Flexible solutions.
Geared to your needs.


We’re not interested in quick wins. Rather, we seek to build long-term relationships, supporting our portfolio companies each step along the way to create sustainable company value.


Round2 financings are repaid through a fixed percentage of future revenue, typically totalling 1.4-2X the funding amount including royalties. Revenue-based financing is non-dilutive. 


Depending on the situation, we are also equipped to make additional investments in exchange for equity. 

We offer
1.4- 1.4 x

of funding amount cap on revenue-share payments

1- 1 m

of non-diltive growth capital

2- 2 %

share in ARR as payment

Our criteria

A proven record
of steady growth

Revenue-based loans are not the right choice for every software business. We seek to partner with the companies and entrepreneurs that we believe will benefit most from our model. 


We support businesses that have tech as their core.

Established revenue

Our portfolio companies have least EUR 3m of annual recurring revenue.

Proven growth

We look for a demonstrated track record of sustained growth.

Strong profit margins

Your business should already have high cash conversion.

Round2 Insights
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Average annual revenue growth rate in portfolio
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