Portfolio Update: Investment in Myra Security shows outstanding performance

Round2 is on the lookout for those rare gems that are continuously overperforming and keep accelerating. Round2 portfolio company Myra Security is truly such a company:

Myra Security is a German IT Security-as-a-Service company that plays in the Champions League – the European Central Bank, the German Government, large banks and multinationals rely on Myra technology “Made in Germany”. Over the past seven years, Myra has risen fast in a market that has traditionally been dominated by US companies. There is appetite in the market for IT Security from European companies, and we know Myra’s rise is set to accelerate in 2020 and beyond.

Sascha Schumann and Paul Kaffsack are the founders at the helm of Myra Security. Sascha, dubbed the “Mastercoder”, started programming at the age of seven and has contributed to programming language and software used in billions of computers worldwide (PHP and Apache). He has his finger on the pulse of tech development and drives Myra’s constant technological innovation. Paul is a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur and the strategic mastermind behind Myra’s commercial success. With an unfailing instinct for market developments, he sets out ambitious strategic objectives and pursues them with razor-sharp focus. Paul is the face of Myra on international stages, where Myra’s unique experience is in high demand.

Our non-dilutive revenue-based financing product is ideal to boost high performers like Myra Security. The company has been profitable from its inception in 2013, and it has consistently outperformed its ambitious forecasts. This is in large part due to the company’s DNA of technological leadership, long-term thinking and strategic vision. As a bootstrapped company, Myra remains in the hands of its founders, for whom commercial scalability and sustainable growth are key principles. Our growth capital investment will help Myra to become one of the major players in an industry that will continue to grow exponentially.

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