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French scale-up Hamilton Apps joins Round2 Capital portfolio

Coming from a security-oriented solutions background Hamilton Apps is offering a wide range of products within a single integrated platform named “Smart Workplace Portal”.

With their provider Hamilton Apps French Scale-Up HDS provides B2B software dedicated to Smart Workplace management. For nearly 20 years these solutions create more pleasant and efficient workplaces through innovation and seamless user experience. 

Round2 is continuing their investment strategy focusing on European Scale-Ups with a new investment in France. Coming from a security-oriented solutions background, Hamilton Apps is offering a wide range of products within a single integrated platform named “Smart Workplace Portal”.

The growing demand for smart workplace solutions meets a business that offers a unique concept in Europe: a wide range of products offering a seamless solution regarding visitor and security management, flexible office and meeting room booking or facility and services management. This allows corporate real estate, facility management and security teams to collaborate more efficiently. Hamilton Apps blue chip clients use their powerful software to ensure the best employee experience and well-being standards, while enhancing their corporate identity. 

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Expansion to the UK market

Based in the heart of Paris, the company is now expanding to the UK market and is constantly recruiting new talents to foster the business as well as strengthen its R&D development. The investment of Round2 enables the company to further expand in the UK market and is supporting the ongoing development of the Hamilton products: “The reconfiguration of workplaces is only getting started. We strongly believe in the potential of Hamilton Apps in this space with their proven enterprise-ready solutions” sais Round2 Capital Partner Stefan Nagel.

The software publisher will soon launch the new generation of its best-seller application (Hamilton Visitor) with a cutting-edge technology stack. This important milestone will allow them to reach new markets through online sales and deploy their products faster and at a larger scale. In early 2021, Hamilton Apps launched its own online store and released an all-in-one visitor management iPad application available on Apple App Store.

For 2021-2022, Pascal Gilaber, CEO of Hamilton Apps, stated that “the team will keep on innovating at a rapid pace while using its French market leader position to conquer new markets.”

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