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Round2 Capital invests another 8 million Euro in Swiss edtech innovator Avallain

Vienna, December 14, 2022 – Vienna-based investment fund for growth funding with focus on revenue-based finance – Round2 Capital – has extended its partnership with Avallain, a Swiss provider of cutting-edge e-learning and EdTech solutions. Round2 Capital already invested a 7-digit amount in the EdTech scale-up in late 2020, which is now followed by a further growth financing in the amount of 8 million euros. The financing includes both a revenue-based loan and an equity component. With the fresh money, Avallain wants to support strong growth and innovation speed.

In the pandemic EdTech boom of recent years, Avallain proved itself as a reliably positioned pioneer and long-standing partner to the education world, enjoying considerable growth as a result. The award-winning EdTech scale-up Avallain, founded in 2002, pursues the mission of unleashing human potential through innovative, technology-enabled education, enabling quality-driven companies and organizations to create and operate highly interactive e-learning solutions. Round2 Capital recognized the company’s great potential as recently as 2020, when it invested a 7-figure amount in the emerging scale-up. Now, the Vienna-based investment fund and European pioneer in revenue-based finance, which invests in leading technology and software scale-ups in Europe, has further strengthened the partnership and provided another EUR 8 million in growth financing, on a revenue-based basis as well as with a minority equity component, to the Swiss scale-up. Revenue-based financing is a simple, transparent and flexible financing tool for growth-stage companies, offering non-dilutive financing against revenue share up to a pre-defined cap. Once again, i5invest acted as advisor to Avallain AG and supported the growth financing transaction with Round2 Capital.

The newly raised capital will enable Avallain to introduce product innovation for customers faster and to expand further into existing as well as new markets, beyond the possibilities of its own profits. In doing so, Avallain will continue to provide holistic solutions to the education industry’s greatest challenges and potentials. These solutions will follow a broader strategy that ensures they are effective, secure, sustainable and innovative, so that Avallain’s customers are one – or even more – steps ahead of their competition, both now and in the future. Furthermore, Avallain will continue to expand its partnerships and ecosystem to enable customers to implement seamlessly into their digital landscape and benefit from new synergies.

Stefan Nagel, Managing Partner at Round2 Capital: „We are excited to take the next step in our collaboration with Avallain with this transaction. Avallain’s management team, led by Ursula and Ignatz, has used Round2 Capital’s initial 2020 investment to holistically position the company for growth and has begun rolling out its new SaaS application, Avallain Magnet. Following the successful implementation of these processes, we are pleased to be able to further support this expansion with our funding. Education Technology is one of Round2 Capital’s focus sectors, along with Cybersecurity. Avallain is very well positioned to address the further growth potential of the digitization of education.” 

Ursula Suter, Co-Founder Avallain AG: “Based on the recent dramatic increase in demand for edtech during the pandemic, Avallain has once again proven itself as a solid, high-quality provider and reliable partner for end-to-end edtech solutions. In order to consolidate and expand our leading position internationally in an environment of new entrants that often focus on single challenges rather than holistic solutions, we decided to raise additional funds from a strong partner who understands and appreciates our markets and the high potential we have based on the best-in-class technology and market position we have built over the past years. The previous cooperation with Round2 Capital has been excellent and we are pleased to extend the participation of a growth partner with a philosophy that suits us. With this deal structure, the founders retain control of the company and receive sufficient potential for the next chapter.” 

About Round2 Capital Partners

Round2 Capital is a fast-growing European investment fund with €115 million under its management. The Vienna-based company is a strong partner for European scale-ups and companies with digital and sustainable business models. Since its founding in 2017, Round2 Capital has been pioneering revenue-based finance in Europe and is active in several European countries, with a focus on Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Nordic countries. To date, Round2 Capital has invested in more than 25 different companies. 

About Avallain

Founded in 2002 by EdTech pioneers Ursula Suter and Ignatz Heinz, Avallain is an award-winning Swiss provider of EdTech and eLearning solutions, working with leading brands worldwide. The company’s mission is to unlock human potential through innovative and technology-enabled education. Avallain’s team covers five continents and represents more than 14 nations. The company is an active participant in the UN Global Compact and aims to advance the SDGs by being climate positive from 2023 and contributing to positive social change in sub-Saharan Africa through the Avallain Foundation.

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