Investment news: Round2 Capital provides XRoadMedia with growth capital

Over the past two years Round2 Capital has been continuously growing its portfolio and now welcomes Vienna-based XRoadMedia as the 11th portfolio company provided with a revenue based financing facility. 

While revenue based financing is a common service within the international investment world, it is still rarely offered in Europe. With its revenue-based financing solution Round2 disrupts traditional financing tools for growth companies due to the simplicity, transparency and flexibility of the funding solution. While alternative financing tools often greatly intervene with the ownership structure of companies and are dificult and very time consuming to implement, revenue based financing is a fast and simple solution without intervening into the fabric of the funded business. Round2 calls it „capital-as-a-service.“  

Especially companies that provide digital products, software or cloud services struggle to get traditional loans. Being built on software and intellectual property, banks do not have the right financing solutions nor the competence for funding the growth of digital companies. Round2 is closing this funding gap in Europe. 


XroadMedia offers a cloud- and server-based content discovery and recommendations back-end solution for the personalization of any digital media service. They perfectly fit the requirements of the Round2 Capital funds, as they rely on intellectual capital as key assets, have a digital business model built on innovation and generate substantial recurring revenue.XroadMedia delivers metadata enrichment, personalization and data analytics services to a fast growing customer base. Round2 provided additional growth capital to help the company achieve sustainable expansion

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Therese Kaiser
+43 664 2262285

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