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Round2 Capital supports companies that want to achieve accelerated growth by providing a financing solution that is more accessible than bank loans and offers more favourable terms than venture capital. Their innovative financing instruments helps you fund your company’s growth without personal guarantees, rigid repayment plans and without diluting ownership.



Round2 supports outstanding entrepreneurs in driving their business forward without diluting ownership. The way company value is created has undergone fundamental changes. Today value is created by disruptive business models building on immaterial assets, digitization and technological progress. Yet, the way these companies are financed has not changed, bank finance and venture capital are still the same. At Round2 we believe that new business models require a new form of financing and we are providing it.


Revenue-Based Finance


Revenue-based financing is a simple type of funding in which a company receives funding in exchange for a share in its future revenue until a pre-defined absolute amount – the cap – is reached. Unlike rigid repayment plans of bank loans or venture debt instruments, the repayments in revenue-based finance are tied to monthly revenue and thus naturally adapt to cash flows, going up when revenues are strong and down when revenues are weak. As no valuation is necessary funding can easily be increased as revenues increase. Round2 can support you through various growth stages without dilution.


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Investment News: 7-digit-amount for logistics scale-up Logsta

Vienna-based growth finance investment fund Round2 Capital is adding another scale-up to its portfolio. Logsta, the Austrian logistics company with a technology background founded in 2017, improves the efficiency of logistics processes with its highly innovative IT platform.


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Press Releases & Features

Contact: Markus Aumer

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Round2 grows its capital to EUR 30m


Founded in 2017, Round2 is a growth stage investor in leading digital scale-up companies and a pioneer of revenue-based finance in Europe. The fund is today announcing the successful closing of another round of fundraising taking its assets under management to close to EUR 30m.


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Round2 expands investment portfolio with 7-figure funding of Swiss scale-up Avallain


Round2 has invested 7 figures in the Swiss EdTech scale-up Avallain. The new member of the Round2 Capital family is the Swiss company Avallain, which offers state-of-the-art e-learning and EdTech solutions for customers such as Oxford University Press.


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Round2 announces a new investment: 3GSM GmbH


Graz based 3GSM GmbH is a 3D modeling software company specialized in rock and terrain. 3GSM pioneers in developing easy-to-use software for the three-dimensional acquisition and assessment of rock, terrain, and object surfaces.


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Round2 Capital Partners


CEO: Christian Czernich
Partner (left to right): Stefan Nagel, Jan Hillered, Christian Czernich, Isabella Hermann-Schön

Picture (c) Pamela Rußmann

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