Round2 Capital Partners successfully closed the fundraising of the Round2 – I Revenue-based growth loan fund

Round2 Capital Partners further widens its international base of investors consisting of successful entrepreneurs and family offices from across Europe. Building upon the track record of its earlier investments, Round2 executes on its strategy to revolutionize growth funding in Europe. The growth capital fund provides highly innovative funding solutions without diluting ownership and without causing conflicts of interests deriving from forced exits. We are happy to announce that we have yet again successfully closed another round of fundraising establishing the Round2 – I Revenue-based growth loan fund in our target markets DACH and Nordics. With a doubling of its capital available for investments and a very robust pipeline of potential investment targets, the management has a very optimistic outlook.

Dr. Christian Czernich, Co-Founder and CEO of Round2 comments: “The benefits of our funding solutions for our target companies are obvious – no dilution, flexible repayments and no forced exits. Yet, Round2 also offers a highly attractive product to its investors by transforming unstable cash flows from fast growing companies into a stable stream of high yield cash flows with a shallow J curve for its investors. We are proud and happy to welcome our new investors on board.”

Jan Hillered, Co-Founder of Round2 comments: “With this round of fundraising behind us and a broadened base of high caliber investors, Round2 has passed another important milestone on its way to establish revenue based loans as the new gold standard for financing technology growth companies of the future. Europe is far behind the development in other parts of the world and as a first mover in the market we see exciting opportunities ahead!”

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