Round2 Capital provides a 7-figure Financing in the M&A Deal Match-Making Solution DealCircle

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  • Round2 Capital has provided a 7-figure revenue-based finance investment to DealCircle
  • DealCircle offers an M&A deal match-making solution for M&A advisors for the buyer-identification process and for the market approach
  • The funding will enable further growth of the business and investments in additional tech enhancements through AI
  • Being a bootstrapped company, DealCircle receives growth capital from Round2 but still remains in full control of the business

Hamburg/Vienna, June 20th, 2024 – Round2 Capital provides a 7-figure financing to the German M&A deal match-making solution DealCircle to catalyze further business growth.

Founded in 2018, DealCircle offers an M&A deal match-making solution for M&A advisors for the buyer-identification process and for the market approach. The company simplifies the process of finding suitable buyers by using intelligent search algorithms for the final selection of the most suitable buyers, enabling M&A advisors to get instant access to the company’s investor database.

In a challenging M&A market since 2023, DealCircle has proven its resilience and entrepreneurial capabilities in seizing opportunities, having further strengthened its position in the DACH M&A market and enhanced its tech offerings. To seize further opportunities, DealCircle now partners with Round2 Capital.

The revenue-based finance investment and its flexible refinancing profile align well with the company’s success-based business model. Also, having bootstrapped the company from the beginning, the two founders Kai Hesselmann and Graig Gröbli, remain in full control of the company while receiving non-dilutive growth capital.

The funding from Round2 is intended to further accelerate the company’s growth and to facilitate investments into the company’s tech stack and in-house AI tools for product enhancements and increased value creation. Starting with an automated, AI-generated buyer shortlist, DealCircle aims to further expand its tech team with additional Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists.

Kai Hesselmann, Co-founder and Managing Director of DealCircle, said: ”Round2’s investment is not only intended to pre-finance operational growth with over 1,500 M&A deals, which will also be marketed via DealCircle this year, but above all to accelerate our tech investments. AI is much more than just a buzzword and will also change our business significantly in the short term. AI-supported shortlist generation is just the beginning. The 7-figure financing from Round2 will help us to do this and ensure that AI does not disrupt our business model, but that we can use it to accelerate our growth even further.”

Gerd Sumah, Partner at Round2, added, “DealCircle has shown remarkable performance despite very challenging market conditions over the past 1.5 years. Graig and Kai have demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial thinking and have successfully steered the company with effectiveness throughout their bootstrapped journey. We are convinced of their visionary goals for further development and believe that Round2 as a flexible and strategic growth capital partner is the right partner for the next phase of DealCircle’s growth trajectory.”

About DealCircle

DealCircle was founded by Kai Hesselmann and Graig Gröbli in 2018 and has been bootstrapped until now. The company offers M&A deal match-making services facilitated via its own-developed proprietary solution. Combining data from various external sources and internal knowledge about buyer preferences across various industries built up over six years gives DealCircle an information edge over other service providers and the in-house capabilities of small- to mid-cap M&A advisors. DealCircle has placed around 1,200 M&A projects in 2023 and will market more than 1,500 projects this year.   

For more information about DealCircle, please visit: Website | LinkedIn

About Round2

Round2 Capital is a fast-growing pan-European growth investment firm with EUR 180m under management. Based in London and Vienna, the firm is a strong partner for European scale-ups and companies with digital and sustainable business models. Since its foundation in 2017, Round2 Capital has been pioneering revenue-based finance in Europe and is active in several European countries with both revenue-based finance and growth equity investments. To date, Round2 Capital has invested in 36 different software and technology scale-ups across 9 jurisdictions.            

Round2 Capital is backed by the European Investment Fund (EIF) to support technology companies in the European Union. Round2 Capital Partners II is partially funded under the so-called “Mezzanin Dachfonds für Deutschland Fazilität 2”, a facility managed by EIF for the ERP Sondervermögen, represented by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (“Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie”), LfA-Gesellschaft für Vermögensverwaltung mbH and NRW.Bank Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts. 

For more information about Round2 Capital, please visit: Website | LinkedIn 

Press contact for Round2:
Julian Bejer | | +43 150 300 34

Press contact for DealCircle:
Lerato Bogatsu-Brandenburg | | +49 160 959 00134

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