Round2 Capital provides Sales Impact Academy with growth capital

Round2 Capital welcomes its first UK based portfolio company: Sales Impact Academy is a subscription-based online learning platform providing ‘sales education as a service’ to B2B sales and marketing teams.

Their mission being to solve the global B2B knowledge crisis, Sales Impact Academy is providing a continuous live learning solution, taught by the world’s leading experts who have created and scaled multi-billion dollar tech companies from scratch. SIA’s hour-long, interactive classes are integrated into the working week and will arm your whole business; including executives, managers, and front-line teams with skills practiced by the most successful titans of industry.

Round2 Capital sia
SIA founders Paul Fifield and Alexandra Damgaard

Sales Impact Academy was founded in 2019 by Alexandra Damgaard and Paul Fifield. The company has since grown from a tiny team of two to an ever-expanding team of 30+ members and 35 industry-leading experts on their coaching roster. With Paul Fifield at the helm as CEO, SIA has experienced tremendous growth over a short period of time with a proud base of over 3,000 individual learners and over 150 clients. Alexandra Damgaard, Chief Product officer and Head of People, has developed an impressive catalog of courses growing from the humble beginnings of three core courses to over 20 courses with a roadmap to deliver 100 by the end of 2021. 

Round2 Capital provides growth capital to SIA

Given the very rapid growth of Sales Impact Academy, the effective underlying value is growing exponentially on a monthly basis. While a lot of early stage companies resort to very large early dilutions, SIA did not want to follow that path: “The strategy was always to explore non-dilutive funding options: Round2 Capital has been the perfect partner to secure this financing and we are delighted to be working with them“, states SIA.

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