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We support entrepreneurs

with a scalable business model, that

rely on intellectual capital as key assets

are SaaS, HW/SW or E-Commerce based

with revenues exceeding 1 million Euros

drive digitization & innovate to grow

contribute to a sustainable economy and society

Our product: revenue-based financing

How revenue-based finance creates value for founders


Revenue-based finance is a quantum leap forward in the way the growth of digital businesses with recurring revenues is funded. The Round2 revenue-based finance solution is not only a simple, flexible and transparent form of growth funding, it also creates exceptional value for Founders and shareholders without diluting ownership.

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Revenue-Based Financing and the funding ecosystem


Revenue-based finance has become an important part of the funding ecosystem. In the US and Canada there are more than 25 revenue-based finance funds, which have successfully funded hundreds of fast growing companies. Especially suitable for revenue-based funding are SaaS firms as the funding can be built into the stream of recurring revenues.

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Are you a SaaS founder looking for growth capital?


Founders of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies use various sources of capital through the different stages of the companies’ development. Based on conversations with hundreds of SaaS businesses over the last couple of years, this article provides an overview of how founders of SaaS companies evaluate the alternatives available.

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Our latest investment news, resources and insights on revenue-based finance and Europe’s funding eco-system.

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